The world is full of positive customer & employee experiences
- we tell the world about them

Only 14%

of business customers trust the information in advertising


search for the information supporting purchasing decisions from elsewhere, mostly from the internet


are willing to try a new product or service if the recommendation comes from a relatable person

Research tells us what we believe in when we make purchasing decisions. No, it is not the sales message communicated to us through advertising. And no, it is not the salesperson's pitch.

The key is other people's experiences.

For companies

Who can we trust, if not our friends, family, colleagues or close relatives and their recommendations? If these are not available, we rely on other people’s experiences rather than listening to sales or marketing messages.

The best way to convince a potential customer is through the recommendation of another happy customer.

The same logic applies to recruiting. You will build the best employer image possible by allowing your employees to share their personal experiences. is a Finnish company whose mission is to build trust between companies and their customers.

We produce genuine and objective customer and employee stories in Finland, elsewhere in Europe, the United States and Canada.

It is enough to simply provide us with a list of your customers or employees. We organize everything else and turn their experiences into sales-oriented and touching videos and texts. Regardless of the country and language.

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Some of the content at is produced through a network of video producers. The members of the network are professional content creators who work in partnership with in different countries.

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